At the center of the "Granda"

All around, the Granda: the hills of the Langhe and Roero; the white slopes of Artesina and Lemon; the baths of Vinadio, and the Maritime Alps Cozie dominated by Monviso from whose slopes lies the Po. But above all, a few kilometers away, the so-called "seven sisters":Wedge, Dawn, Good, Fossano, Saluzzo, Savigliano, Mondovì.

E 'enough to consult a topographic map to realize any of equidistance Salmour compared to all the towns and most renowned in the province of Cuneo. A province that has long been synonymous with culture, beautiful scenery, industry and agriculture evolved; but above all a land of great wines, of extraordinary dishes and unparalleled hospitality of its people. More: due to its proximity to the motorway Torino- The small village of Savona Salmour offers the possibility to reach the Ligurian coast, Turin and the Monferrato in just over an hour's drive.