Relax without Feeling bored

Far from the noise, from the chaotic life, from the city and the daily worries, to experience and enjoy the authenticity of rural life, its slow rhythms, and his gestures measured. It, however, manage not to get bored, these and many are on site and nearby possible opportunities for recreation and entertainment. The farm Sarmore is an ideal base for unforgettable experiences. In the immediate vicinity of the River Park extends Stura, ideal not only for long walks and quiet in a lush and wild but also for ecotourism activities such as fishing, hunting and bird watching. With six "put" certified to house horses, the agriturimo offers riders the chance to move along a dense network of roads and trails where car traffic is limited or prohibited. Along with them is of course possible to go hiking or cycling challenging relaxing. For its features and services offered, The farm boasts a stopping place certificate Enger (Ente Nazionale Mountain Guides) sub-project of the Union Fossanese P.I.T (Integrated Cross-Border Plan) that promotes the horse trail and the road that joins with the Sunrise High Provence.

And for those who can not help but intoxication of speed and motor racing can try their hand at driving go-kart, MiniGP and supermoto on the roads of the Alpes Maritimes Minimotodromo.

Finally, it should be remembered, but a few miles away you can enjoy every kind of cultural experience and many have desired these theaters, the dirty concerto, museums, the fairs and markets offered by the territory.