Welcome in the farm Sarmore

Being a guest and feel at home: relaxed, free, protected. In a certain sense pampered by a friendly family, thoughtful and reserved that for simplicity, courtesy and excellence has made lifestyle.


In the farm Sarmore everything has been designed and built to human scale, with the needs of those who love the simple things, authentic and true. Starting with the size: the farm is not a tourist machine suited to meet the demands of mass tourism but a small building where you can stay overnight, good taste of traditional Piedmontese food and cultural activities and leisure in harmony with the rural nature. The farmhouse was recently renovated building following the dictates of traditional Piedmontese peasant. Within the name is readable all the love that the owner-family Morano- feel for the traditions and history of this land. The title derives from the ancient name of Sarmore people of Iranian origin who settled in Roman times in the lower Piedmont founding, in addition to Salmour, Today the city rich in charm and history such as the nearby Pollenzo.